Receiving Criticism

What’s the best and worst criticism you’ve ever received? And how did you assimilate it?

I’m interested in experiences of any kind of critique you may have received on any kind of creative activity–art, craft, music, writing, athletics, business–anything.

Here’s why: In September I’ll be taking the Story Grid Editor certification course. One of the biggest questions in the writing-and-editing community is how to make sure the writer-client is ready for editorial work.

I’m working on a little book for prospective clients–fiction writers who may not yet know how to receive feedback. I’ve managed to acquire the skill in recent years, but I don’t know how I did it. So I’d like to hear from you.

–Do you have the skill of receiving critique or feedback?
–How did you get it?
–Was there a particular turning point?
–Or do you avoid critique altogether? If so, why? And is there any ideal situation under which you’d be open to it?
–What other questions should I be asking to improve my own knowledge of how to receive criticism?

Comments and feedback welcome! Thank you.

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