Wetiko and yetzer hara

Paul Levy, in Dispelling Wetiko, uses the Hebrew term yetzer hara, which he defines as “evil inclination”. It rang a bell, so I got out my notes from the Story Grid Workshop, and sure enough, that is the exact term Steven Pressfield uses for Resistance.

I’m excited to have discovered the link! Resistance–not doing your work–IS WETIKO, is yetzer hara, is Malignant Egophrenia.

Levy goes on to imply that our Daemon, our True Nature, our Higher Self, God (or any other of the “thousand names by which it is called”) is what Pressfield called neshama during his talk, and which he equates with the Muse (and, I’m pretty sure, what Liz Gilbert refers to as the plane of Ideas). Levy says we gain access to this Daemon level of consciousness through mindfulness–a “psyche suffused with the felt sense of the radical contiguity and unity of all Existence.” Wetiko can’t survive in that environment.

Now, trying to make a point-for-point comparison between Levy and Pressfield, who are talking about somewhat different areas of life, is probably not going to work. But they meet, very definitely, in Creativity, which they both talk about all the time.

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